Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

the girls on christmas eve. cindy, natale, me, wendy.

joshy and capri can't quit the juice.

best cousins forever.

grawnma and grawnpa anderson and all nine grands.

big matching happy family!!!

tis the season

nativity play gone awry!

wisemen and shepherds, and angels oh my!

big freaking happy family!!

i scored with my hot innkeeper!!

cutest outfit on the cutest crier.

FOUR!! ONE TWO THREE FOUR bulkley kids.


chirstmas dance show

the best cheerleaders on earth!! grandma and grandpa anderson and grandma bulkley are such great supporters of the kids in all their different activities.

libby, indie, sedra, oaklee, sydell. bulkley cousins. we're so lucky to have so much family around. sydell started dancing at dance showcase so it was fun to see her up on the big stage too.

libs and noah.

santa with cousins.

ryder and indie, bff's for life!

bad santa!

being terrorized by santa at the dance showcase christmas show.

capri went with indie to see santa at indie's preschool. she is my first child to freak out about santa. the others didn't even notice they were sitting on a big fat stranger man's lap!!

this is the expression capri gives about 90% of her day. ugh.

Friday, November 5, 2010


ornithophobia: the fear of birds. i have it and in a bad way. i'm shuddering and clenching my toes even as i type this. haha funny funny. but not when you're innocently in your safe house and you see a trail of feathers and peek behind the filing cabinet and see the devilish creature ready to flap it's disgusting wings in your face. SCREAM FREAK OUT YELL HIDE!! then you realize about two weeks ago libby told you she saw a bird in the house and you didn't believe her. that vile, germ infested thing has been in my house for two weeks???!!!!! insert shudder. anyway, of course casey was working so i had to call my sweet daddy to come and save the day. as he was taking care of business, i called out, "is it dead?" and he said "yep" and then he yelled, "NOPE!" then there was smashing and carrying on for a bit and then the bird went to heaven. there were about 7 million feathers that i had to clean up and i didn't calm down for about 2 hours.

imagine those wings flapping in your face.
imagine those claws tearing out your eyes and scratching your face off. ugh. kill me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"we're all mad here"

miss mad crazy red queen of hearts!

mr. mad hatter contemplating his next move.

cute little alice.

this naughty little white rabbit was a fussy butt. somehow chari got this pic where she actually looks mellow.

i can't get the edited and quotation pics of chase and indie to upload. anyway, i love halloween. i love dressing my kids up. chase was a trooper and went along with my theme this year since it was capri's first halloween. chari took all these amazing pictures and did all the editing and photoshopping and quotes. love it!!!! thank you char char.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

happy birthday to me!!! (and libby) :)

love this little poser!

the birthday girls!!! 22 and 8!! milestone birthday's for sure!

for real

bear den leader. can i get a what what????

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

bestest cousins

these two better like each other because they are best friends/best cousins for life! i can't wait till they start playing with each other. till then, brit and i will have fun dressing them up and pretending they know how much they love each other. should i say each other again? blah.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my babies!

"i sigh that kiss you for i must own, that i shall miss you when you have grown"

i found this quote a long time ago and have loved it. i finally got happy jo to do the vinyl and we got the pictures mounted today. all the sweet baby monsters are 8 weeks old except libby, she's 10 weeks because she didn't cooperate on the first try. i try to repeat this quote to myself when my patience is shot with my kiddos. i know that these are the days i'll remember. . . okay so i stole that line from natalie merchant. blah blah blah.

Monday, September 27, 2010

lucky day!

we went on a drive up the canyon on sunday evening as a family. i wanted to get pics of the kids with the leaves and some pictures of libby in her baptism dress. (baptism in november) sooo, i found a place to take some pictures of her and a guy came and told me i had to pay 25 dollars or leave. i left. we kept driving and all of a sudden we saw jon and chari's family. lucky day!!! chari had her camera and took over. i could never have gotten these amazing shots of my little libbers. thank you charleena!! i love them!

here's the one pic i took before i got the boot. yes, i agree, it's a darn good thing chari took over. i suck at all things photography, culinary, computery, and crafty related. :(

capreezy breezy beautiful

this little chunk is my joy in life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

kelene and david's big day!!!

kelene and david campbell. established september 18, 2010. cutest couple ever. kelene is one of my dear friends, my pride and joy in dance, one super cool girl, and chari's baby sister. the johnson's are all amazing. i love this family like they are my own.

these two bring out the best in each other. kelene has been so happy and i have loved seeing this side of her.

the beautiful bride with 4 studly little nephews. i LOVE ryder in his shades. i love this picture.


me, kelene, brittany, and amanda. check out kelene's bouquet. it was sooo pretty and she was soooooooo gorgeous. what a happy day. hurray kelene camille johnson campbell!!!!! welcome to hell, JOKE!!!!! geez, lighten up. :) lmbo!!!!!!

soccer season = insane mother

libby and indie decided they wanted to try soccer this year after being chase's faithful cheerleaders for so many years. ALL three of them have their games on ALL the same days and ALL the times overlap and ALL the fields are in different corners of a very very large soccer complex. let's just say i'm not at my finest on these days.

what posers! i love it!

indie is on the pink panthers, and tears it up out there, she's always right in the crowd of 10 four year olds chasing after the ball.

indie got busted for her aggressive pushing and had to apologize and shake hands with the unfortunate little girl that became indie's victim.

libby is super lucky to have her grandpa be the assistant coach of her team, the violent violets. grandpa is the best coach ever! libby surprised me and is just as awesome on the soccer field as she is the dance floor.

libby and her violent violet friends.

chase has improved so much this year on his competitive team, the torpedoes. it is so fun to watch him get into the games. i haven't done a good job of capturing his skills, i need a big zoom lense thingy. not that i'd know what to do with it.

the cutest, most supportive baby sister ever.

i love this pic of the littlest monster.