Wednesday, April 30, 2008

where do they come from??!!!

me: indie you are such a pain!!
indie: i'm not a pain, i'm indie!!

indie: uh-oh, they all fall down!!
me: what fell down?
indie: the ashes!!!

chase: are we going to victoria secret now?
libby: (to aunt ber) i know her secret, she likes bras!

chase: who am i going to marry mom?
me: i don't know, maybe molly.
chase: well, how am i going to get her to LOVE me?
me: chase, you're already friends, just keep being yourself.
chase: but mom!! how am i going to get molly to LOVE me?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

come one, come all to the orem dance co. show!!!

okay, i know 2 people read this and those 2 people probably don't even like dance but i promise you i have an amazing dance company and it will be well worth your time. to give you a little incentive, just comment and i'll give you free tickets or put your name on the comp list. please come. do it for the children.?? whatever. blah blah by the way location orem high school, time 7 pm presents and compliments accepted graciously. blah blah again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. . .

casey and i are beginning to think we are raising a pathalogical liar!!! we don't know if libby lies deliberately or if she is actually really delusional. examples:
1) libby told josh that she was really tired because chase woke her up in the middle of the night and they HAD to make cookies. when josh asked what kind she didn't miss a beat and said pumpkin??!!
2) libby told a story to her whole preschool class: we have two dogs, one of them can talk. one day mocha ran away and we asked toby where she was. toby told us (as she pinched her lips to talk like a dog) she's at the gas station. so we went to the gas station and mocha wasn't there. then toby told us that is was the other gas station!!??
3) casey took libby to see east high school and then went and played football with some work friends. later that day libby told a girl that she just went to a high school musical production and then watched the high school musical football team practice.!!??
4) okay so this isn't really a lie but it delves into the crazy world of my daughter. during her spiritual easter lesson libby stood up in the middle of the class and sang "she turned around and gave that big booty a smack" and then sat right back down.??

bless her heart, we love our libs!!