Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shelly and brian's wedding 9/6/08

shelly and casey--awwww!!
me, baby sedra, my sis in laws, natalie, and cristy

Wayne and Cindy

daddy teaching libs how to tango--casey style
chase and his cousin, zane, or as we call them, partners in crime!!
beautiful blue eyed monster
the happy couple, shelly and brian chamberlain
i know that would be dang weird if i knew how to do a slide show or something. sorry folks, i am what i am! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


me: indie i'm going to kill you (for smearing ranch dressing all over herself like "lotion")
indie: don't kill me, i'm too tiny to kill!

me: i hate the dogs!!!!
indie: freaking dogs!!! let's get a "titty"(kitty)

me: hey dude let's go potty
indie: i'm not a dude, i'm indie!!

indie: i want a milk bottie (bottle) way up high and watch dora!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

digging for gold--bulkley style

a picture's worth a 1000 words

the story of our life, hollie-shameless, casey-mortified(as in, "you did not just say that!!"). cute. btw i don't mean half of what i say. sometimes i just like to poke (not like on facebook) and sometimes i just don't know!!!???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

red party, blue party, can i be in the black party?

people ask theirfellow blogers in zion questions and people answer. soooo, here's my million dollar question. . .
why is the vast majority of the mormon population republican??? i am so not a political expert but what i've gathered is that "evil" dems are for social programs, welfare, education, pro-environment, taxing the wealthy, gun control, agency(isn't that what side we chose and won the grand prize of this life anyway?). i don't get it. i really and truly don't. doesn't our doctrine say something of the law of consecration and we're supposed to be willing to sacrifice all our wordly possessions? then what's the big deal on taxation? why do red neck mormons love their guns so much? guns kill people! i definitely am for strict, strict gun control. i get that abortion and gay marriage can be very polarizing and a very sensitive subject. i have my own personal opinions but i'm not going to go there today. ask me in person and i just might tell ya! well, i'll give you a little hint, is it so wrong that ellen is so happy right now? can we really know what gay people feel and deny them their shot at happiness? am i missing something? am i going to get excommunicated? politicians in general are scuzy crappy people with little to no ethics. they all have affairs, they all live in mansions, they all point fingers, most seem self-righteous etc. etc. i am not claiming any answers, because i don't have any. i just don't get the whole blind faith of so many of the people i'm surrounded by have. is it the lesser of two evils mentality? is anyone getting riled up? am i a complete moron? have i missed the point? is there a point? should i just delete this post and follow the crowd? somebody help me!!!!

flower girls

shelly's wedding! cute kids, sucky layout. wtc? i don't know how to do this!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i'm not a baby, i'm indie

indie has decided that she no longer needs a life jacket. let's keep in mind that she is TWO!!!! on saturday we had a pre-labor day celebration with me, my kids, my parents, and jacob and grace. sweet. the family has diminished to me. way to represent hollie!!!! anyway, on this memorable pre-labor day indie learned to swim from damma to pop pop with her head under water. amazing. now, if she could just learn her alphabet or numbers. . .