Sunday, July 27, 2008

casey and indie were fighting over a hymn book at church today. indie was being her usual stubborn self and got pretty fired up. casey finally got the book out of her hands and she screamed, "i want to sing halleluia!" (i'm too tired to figure out how to spell the dumb word)

pop pop got indie a special chair so she could sit up at the grown up table for dinner. I said "what do you say to pop pop?" indie mumbled "i don't want to say thank you."

indie calls grandma debbi "damma" (pronounced like the naughty word). well, damma doesn't like this name along with bamma which chase used to call her. she decided to name herself "gram cracker" but it's not sticking. indie was trying to get damma's attention and just couldn't so finally she yelled, "dam cracker!"

well, my pictures and computer knowledge have gone down the toilet. i click on the picture icon and nothing happens. so if you can just visualize a little blonde tazmanian devil, you've got yourself a pretty good idea of what this fussy butt looks like. p.s. liz, ber, i need major help!

{hol- i added a pic. not the greatest but it's the craziest indie pic i've got on my computer at the ya! -lizzy}

Sunday, July 6, 2008