Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sushi = vomit*

i tried sushi for the first and ONLY time.  raw ahi tuna crud and burning sauce just don't gel with me!!!  theory:  only people pretending to be cool claim to enjoy sushi!!!! 
okay, here it goes!
what have i just put in my mouth???
crap! casey will KILL me if i spit it out, past the point of no return. . .
DISGUSTING!!!! an hour later my mouth was still struggling!

but it all worked out in the end, just like my mom said it would!!!
*no drugs were used while posting

the she-devil reigns on!!!

me: indie, where's your hair?
indie takes me to the garbage
me:where are the scissors?
indie grabs the scissors on the counter
me: WHY LORD WHY???!?!
indie: mom, i want hair like yours
me:  too late, it's gone!!!! 
indie: we can get it out of the garbage and tape it back on

any remorse? no, complete and utter defiance!!!! little turd!


i bet you can't guess which salad is mine??!!
lunch at bajio to celebrate our foreign friend jen!  candy, me chari, jen, baby kate, alyce
juuuulie, the one with you in it just got deleted and i can't find it! :(
yen su and big bertha
tonia's baby shower--it's a GIRL!!  me, maren, tonia, chari

jill, mar, tonia, poser, chari, asti, daniella

anual valentine's lunch at mama chus, mmmmm!

justin, oaklee, and wendy
delona, brian, shelly, wayne, cindy

casey, yours truly, natalie, baby naomi
chase made us the best valentine's card ever, indie can't stand not being the center of attention!

romantic getaway planned by casey.  dinner, movie, hotel/no kids, ahhhh!!! (thanks cindy!!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sledding, so fun for the warm blooded, that would not be me!

cute little couple!

father with his #1 (no, we don't blame him, she's everyone's #1!!) :)

you wonder where i get it?!

"i believe i can fly. . ."


anyone know of a reputable exorcist?!!!? :)

indie bella just keeps on getting more and more
"spirited" her mother is getting more and more
gray hairs, wrinkles, and zits. serenity now!!!!

so excited, so animated, so full of life!

she can fool you, that's for sure!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

fresh value priced!!!! buy 2 get one FREE!!! here's the catch, you must buy all 3

hurry, this offer won't last!! who wouldn't want these
three awesome, respectful, mild, never fought in their
entire lives angels sent from above??!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

libby the supermodel

thanks to lizzy the botanist(photographer, design master, bakerella, etc.) for the pic.  my little libbers is quite the poser.  she is so sweet and puts up with a monster of a big brother and a devil of a little sister!  she is patient and imanginative, man we love this little one!