Thursday, October 20, 2011

indie and ryder make me lol

the cutest bff's of all time!

laguna beach

look at those muscles!

libbers loves to pose!

sweet girl

sassy pants ow owwww!!!!

sandy and cold

burried babies

capri ate lots and lots of sand, then pooped out lots and lots of sticky grainy sandy poop. ugh.

the kids put on a little play on this cute stage. it was called "karma" and was hilarious.


this pretty much sums up the whole trip:

Friday, September 30, 2011


3 days at disneyland is about 2 1/2 too many. lots of tears, fights, money, and sanity were spent at the happiest place on earth. here are the pictures that look like it was only happy times. the kids won't remember, right?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

family pictures! (chari the magnificent!)

i have the most amazing bff in the world. she has so many talents it's unreal. she's creative, artistic, a computer genius, a great photographer, a top notch business owner, and the best thing is she shares!! chari and her faithful assistant, jon, spent their sunday evening posing, entertaining, and snapping pics of the bulkley bunch. no easy task that's for sure. trying to get SIX people to look at the camera, and smile, and keep their eyes open, and all that is pretty near impossible. especially when you're dealing with bulkley's (capri). ugh. anyway, i am so grateful that chari took these pics. we haven't had a family picture taken since indie was 2! thank you charleena! ytb!

chari stole her neighbor's truck for these pics. i tell ya, this girl gets things done!

casey and i weren't very natural at posing together.

i love this one of the monsters.

casey is appalled! i was trying to "work it" or whatever. idk?

pretty blue eyes.

the light looks cool in this one.

the bulkley bunch.

my boys.

little libs. she's a natural poser!

the first shot of the night. i think capri went straight downhill after this shot.

a young boy ponders the meaning of life.

artsy fartsy.


capri likes to let it all hang out!

Friday, September 2, 2011

indie's first day of kindergarten!!

ryder and indie were so excited for their first day! they ran right in and had the best day ever. too bad it only lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes a day. that's a good deal. ugh.

indie's pretending to be scared to walk in the door for the first time.

bff's for life!

calm, mild mannered indie.

sassy pants ready to go!

stewart falls

love my girls.

indie bella starts kindergarten soon!

libs the poser just started 3rd grade!

chase just started 5th grade!!

eternal companions!! casey's super excited about the eternal part of our relationship!!

so exciting!

my favorite pic of the day. they look like they love each other!!

preezy loves chippies!! and being in the backpack.

look at all those kids!