Friday, January 30, 2009

family fun night with jake!

thursday night was family fun night at cascade elementary school, when i read there were going to be native american dancers for entertainment, i knew jake had to be involved!  his dad and siblings all danced and sang and put on an awesome show.  
here he is striking an odd pose with libs and chase who think he's pretty dang cool!
jake and his favorite teacher of all time, still doing the stank face though?!
jake's uncle, karl moore (who happened to be on dance company at ohs with me!), and jake working the hoops
pretty dang cool!

look at his little smirk.  that smirk helps him get away with a lot more than i should allow!

susette and rick's babies

rick, gabriel, susette, simone--happy family! 
(minus 3 other cuties, adriane, kels, and aubs!)
i'm a little upset that susette had twins 3 months 
ago and she's already a toothpick.  whatever!
precious simone! beautiful susette!
libs is getting baby hungry!!! 

friends!  gabe weighs 2 whole pounds more than 
petite little simone.  they are beautiful, cuddly, and
more than a little bit spoiled! soooo cute! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


do you detect ANY remorse in her expression?! 
reminder: when it's quiet, some seriously naughty stuff is happening!

tag!!! fun!!!

tagged by barbara elder (my amazing beehive teacher who still looks like a beehive herself-totally not kidding and totally not fair!)

6 random facts ---hmmmmm what am i going to think of?! well, they sure are random!

1. i am fearful of change (except in the case of obama) my kids are going to the same elementary as i did- go cascade cougars! i teach at the high school i graduated from and did my student teaching at- go orem tigers!!! I LOVE OREM! aside from winter, and running into people with sleep still in my eyes, i don't think there's any other place i'd rather live. where else is there a gas station on every corner, a target two minutes away, great neighborhood, gold's gym, cafe rio. . .?!!??!! orem, now this is the place!

2. i talk to myself. more like mumble ( i think i inherited that from my daddy) i'm weird and more than a little bit crazy!

3. i don't care if they came out and said straight up, soda makes you chubby, gives you cancer, and is poisoness, i'd still love my diet mtn. dew with a little code red. make it a 52 ouncer and i'm in heaven!

4. i've been to china, italy, czech republic, france, england, mehico, hawaii, japan, germany and am so grateful to have seen a lot of the world but refer to #1 i'd be happy never traveling again and staying in good old orem.

5. when i was little i wanted to be a vet. then i realized that the animals would be hurt and sometimes die, i couldn't bear that! i love animals. when i was little i would have nightmares that my dad was a matador! i also dreamt that i gave all the deer guns and helped them hunt people! (maybe that should have been my first clue that i'm a little "different" than most people!) but this love is becoming way less intense as i get older. my kids are my new love and the dogs and the mooch of a cat are an irritant a lot of the time.

6. i think that i'm funny and think the post under this one should be nominated for a blogging award!! casey always says, well, i'm glad you can entertain yourself! i am sarcastic and a butt a lot of the time(usually just to get a laugh) but i am aware of my blessings and what a great life casey and i have. not the "seriously so blessed" life but the normal good life, trials, happy times, fighting kids, perfect kids, ups, downs. . .

p.s. i think i like exclamation points, question marks and smiley faces!!!! ????? :)

now this tag is going to hurt my feelings if you don't comply:
summer, mrs. heal, --it's about time!!! ber, you have to because you're my sister! my new blogging buddies, kari, linsey and kimmy!!!! there's my 6 tags. i bet 1 person follows through- slackers!!!! i'd tag liz and adi but liz didn't do the last one( butt-head!) and adi is moving! i love to ramble, anyone notice??!! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

love hurts. . .

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds
And mars, any heart
Not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts. . . ohh, ohh love hurts!!!!!!
But it hurts so good!!!

indie, photographer in the making

indie was making me work it!  
way to capture the unmade bed!  reality!
she "caught" the neck at it's finest!
a certain sir-mix-a-lot song comes to mind. . . 

cute, nice angle, very artistic, what's the rule of 3rds?

so, what do we think??!?!?!  i think her genetics are going to pull through on this one!  thanks anderson's.  tony? kirk? billy? jeff? dad?  feedback?  i think she's gonna make it!

at least someone likes this weather!

puppy love!!!

toby and mocha necking!!  dogs, get a room!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"mom, tomorrow is dress like your parent day, can i wear sweats?"

how depressing!  how embarrassing!  note to self:  get dressed once in a while!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


2008-2009 orem high dance company with their youthful advisor, moi!
a few of the "itty bitty's" (born the year i GRADUATED from high school) ahhhhhhh!
cute girls!

officers, sarah russo, jake fields, brooke irvin in the cutest picture ever!
thank you to nicole hill, the pictures turned out perfect!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

indie's first dance class

yeah, i'm cute, so what?!!
following her teacher like the obedient child that she is!!!!!

now if that's not the best darn plie you've ever seen, i don't know what to tell ya!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

whoever coined "terrible two's" hasn't met my "terrible three"



thanks for the birthday kimono ava and jen!

indie's 3 and she's as much as a monster as she's ever been.  she can still freak out long enough to get us to give in and give her a dang milk bottle "way up high."  maybe we'll shoot for 4 years to break the habit?!  she can't/won't fall asleep without her loving mother's arms firmly wrapped around her and EVERY night she wakes up and won't go back to bed unless it's with mom and dad.  she is super social and loves her friends, she never stops talking about kylie, ryder, and ava. in the car the other day she announced, "i'm going to marry ryder and have babies" what am i in for??!!   i don't know if she remembers ava completely but she got this darn cute outfit from her so she knows ava exists in some form.  the other day indie asked me, "is jesus dead," then, is  "mira (dog) dead?", then, "is ava dead?"!!!!  i guess japan = dead?  sad:(  indie loves to lift up her shirt and pat her belly, she's very proud of this round possession and i hope she always is, but maybe not flaunt it so much!  the latest time i was upset with her i told her i would strangle her, i got the typical "but i'm too tiny to strangle!" she won't keep her hair combed, hates ponytails and brushes, but loves to smear chapstick all over her face and call herself a princess.  all her dolls are named se-sa! ??? her nursery teachers named her the "alpha-male" of the class, that's my girl!  now she's a sunbeam! bless her teacher's heart!  for all the craziness indie brings, there is unexplainable pride, joy, love, laughter and fulfillment from being lucky enough to be the mother of this little tasmanian devil! i love you indie bella

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


all because 2 people fell in love!

totally copying but it's a sincere form of flattery so there ya go adi!
and of course, no particular order, no rankings here!

1. saying goodbye to my jigga for the third time!!! every stinking time she leaves, i'm the one bawling way worse than her. (england, then germany, now tokyo) i am going to enforce their return date which is supposed to be the end of may. soooo if we all think "the secret" maybe it will come true! yeah right! see there's the pessimism creeping in, i already blew it. the secret, the secret, the secrect. they will come home.
2. saying hello to toby (jen's dog), finding mocha every time she's escaped, keeping the peace between the two mongrels, and trying to forge somewhat of a friendship with our new cat purrsee that adopted us, but hates us and our dogs!
3. chase in second grade loves school, libby started kindergarten (tear, well, fake tear!) and the biggest accomplishment my two year old could pull off, being accepted to miss ann's preschool program early. this is bigger than harvard people! goooo indie!
4. babies, babies, babies, three new neices, haven, sage(snaggle), and naomi! all soo beautiful and fun to see grow up. but wait, there's more in the baby category, MY baby sister is going to be a mommy!!!!!!!! i think i might be more excited than she is. only so she can join the elite club of mother's in zion who never go out of their mind crazy!!!! hurray and congrats sis! i love you.
5. one more about #1 and one about #2(depending on the parent). brittany graduated from the U with her master's degree in speech pathology. so hurray for her smart genes which i did not inherit, but boo hoo for saying goodbye, because it took her away to oregon. soo sad! but she'll for sure brb! then on to joshy, super sad/hard to say goodbye to that little guy. especially when he's serving the lord in WEST VIRGINIA!!!! what is that? just sing the song "i'll go where you want me to go dear lord, i'll be what you want me to be. . ." okay i feel better. very proud of him and my kiddos miss that #1 uncle like you wouldn't believe!
6. family, all of it. watching my babies grow. looking at casey and having mutual looks of "we created these insane creatures?" chase turned 7, miss libs is now 6, and my baby is 3 and has been for one whole week!
7. okay one more family thing, when chase is in a zone in soccer it's so fun to watch. libby shaking her booty on the "big stage" i just can't explain the smiles/laughter she brings! and little inders, well, she already thinks she's a superstar and is the comedian of our family. she also knows how to play the "baby of the family" card very well. pretty much gets whatever she wants. you try saying no to her!
8. dance dance dance. working with my students at the studio and at ohs is so rewarding for me. no, not financially :), but i feel "seriously so blessed" that i have a job where i can interact with such amazing kids. kelene johnson who once upon a time took from me now dances in vegas in the donny and marie show and she pretty much steals the show! i work with incredible talent as well as incredible humans! they are all a constant inspiration to me. the future's going to be okay with these kids leading the way!
9. my christmas miracle. my plaque i gave my little friend charleena "you will always be my friend, you know too much" didn't come true. we had a tiff which is super embarrassing. but intensity and intensity sometimes explode. after a little break, we're "back together" and it's so good to have her back. she takes me with all my psychoness and we're learning to laugh about it!
10. getting to take a trip with my lover! and to tokyo none the less! we rarely get to see each other for longer than a couple minutes on regular work days. we have super busy lives with super busy jobs but our schedule works so our kids get (yes get, not have) to spend time with us individually! on the other hand, we really needed a trip and what better place to go than to tokyo and spend a fantabulous week with jen and company. super fun, much needed, so good for us, and so good to see where jen actually calls home! KONICHIWA!!!!

so out with the old, in with the new, what does that even mean? happy new year i guess?! hope to survive 09 with y'all! and if i was hyper right now, i'd make us all chant 09-09-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-09!! go tigers!