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from the mouths of babes (isn't that a saying?)

okay so here's just a glimpes into the dysfunction i like to call my family!
a little background first: 9 a.m. church just isn't meant for the bulkley clan. casey works late on saturday nights so he can't even open his eyes when sacrament starts. i, being the righteous mother in zion that i am, decided to brave sacrament alone with my three monsters. inevitably chaos ensued, and i was literally going to have a breakdown. i took the crazy, insane, third child we call indie outside where she proceeded to poop her pants, so rushed her home to casey leaving chase and libby in the pew by themselves. i thought to myself, "surely they can sit for the 3 minutes it will take to get back to them." WRONGO when i came back in they were both running down the halls yelling at each other and racing to tattle on the other first. NIGHTMARE!! so i tried to remember i was in the house of the lord and decided to take this to a different location. we went to the car and sat there why i moaned and groaned and asked "WHY"?!?! okay, now to the good part.
me: what am i supposed to do with you guys? (a little rhetorical)
chase: let's take indie to the orphanage.
me: what????
chase: well, it will be sad but we need to do it. we just can't handle her!!
and there you have it, we just love ya and leave ya in these here parts!