Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

never smile at a crocodile

today was peter pan dress up day at miss ann's. cutest little devious crocodile around!!

the other day indie was talking a million miles a minute (as usual) while we were driving in the car. i kind of tuned her out and then focused back in when she yelled, "mom! pretty please with no meat on top!??!! vegetarian style!!! ( i have stopped eating meat for the time being and i guess that's the only way indie thought she could get my attention) heehee love that little monster.


brecken came over to play last night and i gave the two bcf's bottles. capri grabbed her pony tail as usual. we looked down and there was little breckers doing the same thing. it was sooo funny and i love that there was no hair so her hand was just plopped on her head. she did it for a long time too! sooo cute! at one point i think she grabbed a hair or two and held them between her fingers!! i love her. i love that capri has brecken for a buddy. we love you brecken!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

lib's got a blog!!!

libby has been asking and begging to start her own blog. here it is. cute.

on my sidebar: tinydancer (libby) or

Friday, January 21, 2011

silver restaurant

we went up to check out what casey's been working on till 4 in the morning every day for over a month. the restaurant is so pretty. capri isn't too impressed.

cute little bff's. i love the chairs and the lighting and the floors, and , and, and!! it really is the prettiest restaurant i've ever seen.

proud wife.

i told you capri was a naughty pants.

casey is the best darn guy ever.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

tub time

had to document her first pigtails! cuteness!

this gigantic crying monster is only 14 months and 3 days old. she looks about 2 and a half? but she's the cutest big baby ever and we wouldn't change a thing (except how much she cries)!! :)
a rare sight. sibling rivalry carries on with the younger bulkley's just as it did for the eldest two. ugh.


all of my kids have cuddled their favorite blankies (or as indie calls it- "the one shee") well, capreezy is being an individual and decided that her source of comfort during bottle time is her ponytail. she grabs on the second i hand her the bottle. it's sooooo cute!!!! and a little strange.

happy freaking new year!!!!

capri learns how to bang in the new year.


i don't know what to tell ya capri, they're always like that. and you yell a lot so i wouldn't give me that innocent look. ugh. here's to 2011!!!! wahooooooo!!

happy birthday indie bella!

let's fast and pray and meditate and make a wish and cross our fingers that year 5 will be good to us. indie seems to out-do herself constantly. you can't help but laugh at this silly little smarty pants.