Monday, June 30, 2008

hurray for sage mckenzie

so i'm having a serious relapse in computer knowledge(or my computer sucks ^*&%) and so i can't post a picture of my latest niece who is so darn cute i can't even explain it!! congrats to bri-bri and adi adi adi for popping out another beautiful baby! she had everyone a little worried with congested lungs or something like that but she's off the machines and under lights for jaundice. she hopefully gets to come home tuesday and we love her like crazy. so if you want pics of this cutie go to and excuse my brother's post (it's genetic). peace out people.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

so i used to could dance!!

there's a whole other generation taking the dance world by storm and i am so dang proud to be involved even if it's just a tiny little bit in seeing these girls realize their dreams! i become personally involved in their lives and right now, i'm having a moment. i am so proud of kelene who has failed but gotten up and tried again and is now moving to sin city to be one of the chosen few to dance in the donny and marie show. i work with amazing talent everywhere i look. and i love that i can be a part of it even if it's the yelling about an absence part!!! :)

have you ever heard the phrase, those who can't- teach? well i guess that's what i've become: the canter of the skill of dance so i will teach. which i actually love my job, not so much all the work, but the connections and amazing girls and 1 boy that i get to teach. i love dance, but i love teaching also. not so much math or science or any other subject besides dance but i also love working with the crazy teenagers. i love to hear about their drama and complain with them on how hard a class is. this crazy thing happens in my classes, at the school and the studio- once you're mine, you're mine. i love you forever. hopefully none of my student's will come across this so i can still threaten with my scary demeanor every so often! the end

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

family pics

my grandma and grandpa are the cutest ever!! still in love after 60+ years-wow!

4 generations (4)indie/libby, (3)hollie/brittles, (2)damma, (1)gg

the whole fam damily even baby haven, only 3 days old!

Monday, June 2, 2008

in love, or something?

here's to my lover! happy 33rd! sorry you hit a dog and stained the fence for your birthday festivities. i love you and am so grateful for you putting up with all my crap and even claiming to love me!! i'll try to be more delicate and sil vous ple-ish, wait, i probably won't! you knew what i was when you picked me up, no tricking involved. love you husband. i'll follow you. . . :)

my girl

libby is my little poser. she loves the camera. her latest pose is with the heel popped and hands on hips. she loves to dance, sing, swim, and daydream. love this little monster.