Thursday, August 13, 2009

my baby sister had a baby!!!!

jp deep in thought (holy &^!@*, no turning back now!!!)

beautiful brittany with her beautiful baby, brecken skye lewis

the happy family. brittany sure as heck doesn't look like she's just pushed a nine pound munchkin out now does she? i always told myself at least brit could commiserate on the fat/gross/hell of pregnancy and labor, but whatever she does, brit does with style. i'm all alone here. :( now now, no consoling words please, it's the cold hard truth and there's no sugar coating my condition anymore. i'm large and in charge and i'm dealing with it. :)

congratulations brittles! you were amazing and i love you and your sweet little girl. can't wait for baby bulkley and baby lewis to meet!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

long long long summer days of july

lots of pics to document our super long july.  i swear time stands still when you are pregnant.  can summer be over? puhleeeease?!!!?  enjoy what may be my longest post to date!

tennis lessons, i don't think we have a mini serena or andre on our hands!!?!

princess camp for the princesses

happy 4th of july!

?????  i have no idea, just took orders from indie to take a picture of her posing  ?????

uncle bri bri trying to claim the best uncle title, doing a pretty good job of it!

cutest cousins, emers, inders, and mashy bay

ryder already checking out, indie cheesing it at the stadium of fire

libs and noah, wedding video material!

bff's chase and ethan

libs rocking out to the jonas brothers

eating at dad's new restaurant, donovan's (yummy- go try it out)they were  trying their darndest to behave.  libby even said "mother, will you please butter my bread" where that came from, i have no idea!

discovery gateway, fun fun fun.

libby made her name and was super proud, what a poser!

the zoo with the elephants

grandma with all 7 grands!

best cousins forever, emery and indie


granny and libs hanging in bancroft, idaho population 352

granny with most of the grands

indie posing at the rodeo

i will not be in pictures due to my awesome condition of massive weight gain, but i had to prove to the world that i, yes hollie lynne anderson bulkley, slept on the floor at the reunion in idaho. there weren't too many options and i sucked it up and here's the proof.  we are sitting on my nice cozy bed in cristy's living room.  i'm trying to suck in and hide the arm problem, didn't work too well, but i tried.  the pioneers ain't got nothing on me!!!!!! 

i love you grandma!

my sweet, passionate, crazy, wonderful grandma passed away early this morning.  i love you grandma and will miss you so much.  

grandma marilyn and my dad at 5 months!  classic pic!

4 generations! me, dad, chase, grandma