Thursday, February 11, 2010

the FORE bulkley kids by libby

details to notice:
capri is screaming
indie is yelling
libby is happy
chase has a devilish expression as he beats his little sister up

sweet dysfunction!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

blessing day

capri didn't cooperate for the photo shoot, but she sure pulled through in the blessing! she was perfect and casey gave her a beautiful blessing.

big happy family!!!
proud parents!

i'm thinking about submitting this for the ensign cover, what do you think?!

grandma cindy. capri's got two of the hottest grandma's around!

i know i look gross, but had to give chari some props. she's just started a new business. if you're a digital scrapper, you must must check out her site: pretty darn impressive! (char, don't forget me when you're rich and famous!)


chase and nash bonding outside over remote control cars, they work a lot better than stupid wood ones that you have to make!

grandpa and grandma anderson


the amazing great grandparents, gpa and gg bylund

gg's got the magic touch. the only smile captured of the day.

pinewood crapby

chase was sooooo excited about his car. the stupid car might as well have had no wheels. last place by a landslide. bless his little heart. it was probably harder on me than him. my heart hurt for the little guy. it made me wonder how i'll ever cope with my children's real disappointments if i have a hard time with a piece of wood. i love my snug bug!

indie's birthday (again)

i promised indie a friend party but it was hard this year because of capri. indie didn't forget my promise and persisted till we decided on chuck e cheese's with cade and ryder her bff's.