Wednesday, April 21, 2010

spring break at the vegas vacation house

the first activity after swimming in the 55 degree weather was a dinner show at the excalibur with the vegas andersons. merlin sat down and chatted with us before the show and even worked chase into his speech! he talked about having dinner "with his good friend chase" we are suckers for shout outs! wahoooo!! eating big rotisserie chickens with your hands in a packed sauna of a room= ga-ross! but the kids loved it and thought the show was awesome. capri even liked it!

casey helped the kids win teddy bears

m and m world=crowded, chaos, anxiety, ugh. not a stroller friendly place that's for sure.

besties indie and emery! soo super cute together and soo super opposite.

capri's first swim. sports illustrated here we come.

love those faces!

grandma took the kids to see the lions and i stayed and played with capri. she melts my heart every time she smiles or coos. the vacation house was a success for spring break. the kids had a blast and went swimming every day, rain or shine. yogurtland was our favorite place, somehow i didn't get a picture. one highlight was me attempting to shop at h and m with all FOUR of my kids. i am not above bribery and it worked for the most part. i'm just curious what onlookers thought of the crazy mom in over her head. :) grandpa took chase and libs to get books and to a movie one night.we're lucky my parents will put up with us and keep inviting us back! thanks for everything, we are seriously so spoiled (and blessed!) and thanks alison for all the locals only hook ups and dinner and playing with us.

chase turns NINE!!!

this wasn't supposed to be the first picture. i hate blogger. i actually hate my ineptness. anyway, cute little libs and noah got to go to the jazz game for chase's birthday.

chase and ethan at tucanos before the big game.

what happy boys! no, chase didn't just get back from the dentist?!

betty crocker's got nothing on me

chase got his car, or should i say casey got his car?! fun!! we celebrated with family on sunday. monday casey took chase and bff ethan to a jazz game where chase got to be the ball boy. tuesday, (the real birthday) we went to diary of a wimpy kid and got "panda bear express", one of chase's favorite places. chase has the biggest heart and is always quick to help out. he loves me and tells me this all the time. it always makes me feel so good. i love you snug bug!

bunny ears and easter outfits

my handsome one and only son.

the girls

my posterity

all 6 matching and ready before church!! we deserve an award!!

crazy hair day

too bad my kids are shy around cameras!

first feeding yum!

bumbo buddies

the cutest cousins ever do not like to cooperate for photo ops!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010