Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

wnba here we come!!!!

capri's stats at 2 months,
height: NINETY NINE point SEVEN FIVE percent!!!!!
weight: 94.23%
seriously?!! can we enter the wbna draft now? we've got to cash in on this!

my mom made this amazingly beautiful quilt. thanks mom! i love it, and you!

these are the happiest pictures i've gotten of capri. i couldn't chose which ones to post!

i'd dare say CUTER than a button!

capri, i never want to forget how it feels to hold and cuddle you. it is my most favorite thing in the world. there is nothing like a baby. please don't grow up too fast.

indie bella turns four!

cousin nash made a special sign for the birthday girl

mmmm look at all those yummy cupcakes. a couple people had half of one, i ate the rest. cute.

okay, maybe indie helped me out!

devious child!

at four indie:
attends two preschools
chooses between ryder and hudson (an older boy!) to marry daily
doesn't want to save her money for college, she never wants to leave her mommy!
refuses to have her hair combed
is as insane and strong willed as ever
asks for mac and cheese or a ham sandwich for breakfast
has the loudest voice of all time
is super bossy
is an energizer bunny
is soo loved by her family!

if chase were a hairdresser. . .