Sunday, November 16, 2008

kelsie birrell, babysitter of the century!!!!

i stole this from birrell's blog but i couldn't help it. (not that any of you thought i put a collage together) kelsie is a true martyr to keep saying yes to my babysitting requests!! we LOVE kelsie!!!

gun people

"mom, me and grandpa are gun people. you're just not a gun person."

all 7 grands!

libs, haven, sage, nash, chase, emery, indie
with pop pop and damma

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

zane and naomi's big day!

i would like to have this typed above the pics but
can't figure it out. ahhh! zane was baptised and
his sister naomi was blessed last weekend. it was
a great day spent with family. hurray for the

cousins out in god's country (is it still god's country
if it's out in idaho?)--delona and clint have 4 acres
of land in preston.

do they come any more perfect??

granny cindy

delona and her beautiful baby!

natalie texting away, man i love her!!

halloween uprising

major rebellion occurred about an hour before trick or treating was to begin. the cute little bulkley dooby doos were all scoobied out. i, being the rational mother in zion that i am, let my children for once pick what they wanted to be. this is what we got. chase, same as last year, devil (still very appropriate). libs, frankenstein's bride?? indie snow princess. whatever. they had a blast trick or treating with our good friends the blacks and are still on a sugar high!!

sweetest note EVER

Dear mom!
I love you so much!
I'm so so so so
so so so so so
sare!(sorry) I'm such a
but! you rock the
world! you are my jooe!(joy)

ani difranco, my all-time fave

"i ain't no damsel in distress"