Friday, October 31, 2008


photography by me!!!
artistry and creativity by LTB

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"if i could turn back time"

i'd take back those words that hurt you, and you'd stay. . .

just kidding, but if i really could turn back time, i'd have you all gather round my cute little picture book that i put together of our trip to tokyo.  because the post beneath this took LONGER than it did for me to go to costco, get the pics developed, come home, put the 150+ pics in their slots IN ORDER, and look through it 5 thousand times.  the computer is not my friend. never has been, never will. i want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  technology shmechnology. the good old days are seeming mighty good to me right now.  i tried really hard to post these pics, i would double click really fast and sometimes that would work, i'd pray-didn't work, hold my breath-50-50 shot at it working, you get the point.  nightmare!  so after some pics finally pulled up, i tried to caption and explain, from there, everything went down the toilet.  i got blue text with underlines, black vertical lines that moved all the pics, the pictures would jump from center, to left, to right, oh it was such a fun game of cat and mouse.  i am actually very proud of myself for making it this far without a tranquilizer or bashing something to pieces. 

tokyo was so much fun.  way better than i expected.  jen lives right in the middle of it all.  we could walk everywhere, and we did!  casey isn't sure if he liked speed walking from roppongi to moto-azabu but he was a trooper and carried on.  the city is big, busy, and fun--no wonder we liked it!!  :)  casey and i took a day trip to kamakura and it was so beautiful.  the buddah pictures are from there.  we walked around and would literally bump into temples/shrines, it was pretty darn cool.  we had sooooo much fun spending time with jen and company.  she is amazing and i love her so much.  i told her that this is the first place i feel okay about leaving her.  ryan and jen have lived in england, germany and now japan.  she's miss popularity out there and navigates around the city like an old (but young looking) pro!  thanks for everything jigga!  i love you.


#1 most pathetic post of all time!! enjoy the neck work out and no captions because wtc? i suck

bye little jen

Thursday, October 2, 2008

tokyo or bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in case you are not up on your flags, this is the japanese flag. the second symbol is for best friend. hurray for me! hurray for casey!! we're so lucky to have such great friends in the napierski's. that damn dog is paying off after all!!( just kidding jen, i love toby) so people that i love, i will miss you. if i die forgive me of my nightmareness and remember the good times---- if there were any!?!?! and make sure to tell my babies that they were my world. oh yeah, no open casket please. but if i die in a plane crash i guess that puts that out of the question anyway! okay, now i'm getting a little sick to my stomach. i love you. peace out people! blog on!!!! (get it, kinda like "rock on") oh my, i guess it's getting late. okay for real good bye! :)