Friday, August 22, 2008

i hate tags-but i'll do it for summer-the person, not to be confused with summer-the season

3 joys: diet mountain dew with a little code red
my kids when they're not fighting
my husband when we're not fighting :)
3 fears: public speaking
social events
getting fat/pregnant/not getting enough sleep/being hungry/children getting hurt/death/car wrecks/cancer/debt/being late/. . .
3 goals: make it through the day
raise good/happy/healthy kids
lose mocha only every other day
3 obsessions: 75% off items of any sort
going to the gym(to justify the junk food obsession)
3 random surprises: i'm not all that interesting, i can't even think of one surprise. i hate surprises, unless i am completely surprised with a gift! i don't like the unknown and i don't like knowing i'm going to get a surprise. like when casey or my dad tell me they have a surprise for me. well, you just ruined it and now i'm going to sit and think about the "surprise" until i get it, i might even start obsessing over it and then would have to change my 3 obsessions. here you are getting a little glimpse into the adhd crazy mind of good old holwonder. that's what happens when i get tagged i guess. was it worth it summer? okay so to complete my tag i have to tag others. lizzy and adi are automatic because they are the only two faithful comment leavers i've got! if you read this, then you're tagged too, how's that?!!

we're having a party now. . . ROCK THE BEAT DOWN!!! ROCK THE BEAT DOWN!!!

come on baby light my fire

grandpa took chase camping last week. chase told him that he wishes everyone could have their favorite taste in their mouth all of the time. chase would pick ribs as his taste!! (sorry lizzy)

the little guy started 2nd grade and casey took lots of pictures to document the big day but didn't check to see if there was any film in the camera! sometimes it sucks being so old school! maybe i'll change, maybe i won't!