Wednesday, June 9, 2010


as if the broken arm weren't enough!!!! last night after the kids had their skating party, they were super hungry so i let them eat pizza in the car on the way home. indie grabbed her slice and it somehow ended up melting all over her hand. she was screaming bloody murder!! i hurried and pulled over and dug sauce and cheese out of her cast, while she continued screaming. oh the joy!!! it was a night for the record books. nightmare. the only way i could cope was to self-medicate. riesens(however you spell it?), junior mints, charleston chews, and raisinettes. cute.

classic skating dance party

lib and her teacher mckenzie. totally 80's!!!

miss valarie and the monster.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

dance showcase company concert

nice plie inders!

i'm feeling the emotion, how about you?!

nice form!

the exact opposite of her personality is captured in this picture!

it's raining men!!

love the attitude!

grandma bulkley with the stars!

indie: did you get me a present?
grandpa: yes, i took you to wendy's for a kid's meal
indie: that's not a present!
grandpa: why not?!
indie: because you can't hold it in your hands and you poop it out!!!!!!

love that girl!

ryder came to support his bff. indie was so excited!

another pic for the wedding video! libs and noners! soo cute!

cousin oaklee dances at dance showcase too! so fun to see her!

this is libby's teacher mckenzie. libby absolutely loves her. i think it's a big reason there's been so much change in libby's dancing this year. thanks kenz! emmie, jacee, and libs are the cutest friends ever. (their moms aren't that bad either!)

school's out for summer!!

chase with his 3rd grade teacher(saint) mrs. fehlberg

libby with her 1st grade teacher ms. grandstaff

Friday, June 4, 2010