Monday, September 27, 2010

lucky day!

we went on a drive up the canyon on sunday evening as a family. i wanted to get pics of the kids with the leaves and some pictures of libby in her baptism dress. (baptism in november) sooo, i found a place to take some pictures of her and a guy came and told me i had to pay 25 dollars or leave. i left. we kept driving and all of a sudden we saw jon and chari's family. lucky day!!! chari had her camera and took over. i could never have gotten these amazing shots of my little libbers. thank you charleena!! i love them!

here's the one pic i took before i got the boot. yes, i agree, it's a darn good thing chari took over. i suck at all things photography, culinary, computery, and crafty related. :(

capreezy breezy beautiful

this little chunk is my joy in life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

kelene and david's big day!!!

kelene and david campbell. established september 18, 2010. cutest couple ever. kelene is one of my dear friends, my pride and joy in dance, one super cool girl, and chari's baby sister. the johnson's are all amazing. i love this family like they are my own.

these two bring out the best in each other. kelene has been so happy and i have loved seeing this side of her.

the beautiful bride with 4 studly little nephews. i LOVE ryder in his shades. i love this picture.


me, kelene, brittany, and amanda. check out kelene's bouquet. it was sooo pretty and she was soooooooo gorgeous. what a happy day. hurray kelene camille johnson campbell!!!!! welcome to hell, JOKE!!!!! geez, lighten up. :) lmbo!!!!!!

soccer season = insane mother

libby and indie decided they wanted to try soccer this year after being chase's faithful cheerleaders for so many years. ALL three of them have their games on ALL the same days and ALL the times overlap and ALL the fields are in different corners of a very very large soccer complex. let's just say i'm not at my finest on these days.

what posers! i love it!

indie is on the pink panthers, and tears it up out there, she's always right in the crowd of 10 four year olds chasing after the ball.

indie got busted for her aggressive pushing and had to apologize and shake hands with the unfortunate little girl that became indie's victim.

libby is super lucky to have her grandpa be the assistant coach of her team, the violent violets. grandpa is the best coach ever! libby surprised me and is just as awesome on the soccer field as she is the dance floor.

libby and her violent violet friends.

chase has improved so much this year on his competitive team, the torpedoes. it is so fun to watch him get into the games. i haven't done a good job of capturing his skills, i need a big zoom lense thingy. not that i'd know what to do with it.

the cutest, most supportive baby sister ever.

i love this pic of the littlest monster.

Monday, September 6, 2010

aa orem city champs!!

chase was lucky to be on the royals this year. they won their league in a nail biter ending. they were undefeated until the game before the last. very tense moments for the mothers.


chase had the most intricate prep before he pitched. ask grandpa brad to demonstrate if you're curious.

chase and ethan showing off their awesome trophies! way to go guys!!!

number one! wahooooooooo!!!!!

bylundfest reunion

this was the summer of reunions for us. we kicked them off with bylundfest at bear lake. these are my super hero grandparents. my kids love them so much, so does everyone else! we had fun at the beach and the kids loved playing with extended family and cousins galore.

this kept him out of trouble for about 10 minutes.

showing off.

soul mates, star crossed lovers, love birds, whatever you want to call us. . .

the cutest little twinner bcf capri and brecken with their mommies.

bulkley bancroft reunion

the kids loved sleeping in tents with their cousins. mama hollie thought she'd get better sleep at her dive of a hotel, but it didn't happen.

chase ran his first 5k. he won first place in his age category. what a guy!

all the 5k runners. wendy, cristy, kevin, and chase. i was a good cheerleader, running makes me want to puke.

proud (and beautiful) granny!

aunt shelly and inders.

tub time

what a cutie!

i don't remember my other kids having such amazing neck rolls. i love love love this part of capri. i could pet the back of her neck all day! :)

summer highlights!!

kissy faces with bestest cousin emer gaga.

papa keith with the girls. my grandpa is 80 years old and did a jack knife dive off the diving board!! amazing!

hallelujiah josh got home from his mission! capri loves her uncle joshy!

i think i got in the pool twice, here's the proof that i did at least once.

sleep over with emers.

kadon and chase displaying their yummy mud pies.

capri went through a phase of sticking her tongue out to the side all day long.

ava, indie, and ryder. cutest four year olds ever!

redfish lake reunion

3 suckers and one little monster.

dad, kirk, vicki, tony, grandpa keith. check out that view!

river rafting adventure.

the oldest and youngest on the river float.

me super interested in my cake. sweet baby capri showing no remorse for gouging out my eyeball which cut the fun times short for holwonder.

love her!