Sunday, March 7, 2010

tub time!

this is what 98.95 percent looks like!!! our hopes are still high for a little wnba action! capri's 4 month check up was this last week. 4 months!! why does time go so fast once they're out?! she still has double ear infections, so sad. hopefully this doesn't turn into a pattern. :(

oh my cutest thing in the world! she sure is my sunshine making me happy when skies are gray!

the jowls are almost resting on her chest! i love it! nothing like a chubbers!!

i get so emotional baby

libby loves her aunt "ber". she loves that they have so much in common. they both love the colors orange and aqua, they both are lefties and blondies, and they also have similar dispositions- sooo sweet you can't help but to love them. sometimes i wonder if any of my personality was passed down to this amazing girl. i have my answer: we're both bawl babies!! complete emotional basket cases, at church, watching movies, talking about sensitive things, etc. this is a new development in libby's personality and it's so super cute.

after church last sunday--
libby: mom, promise you won't laugh
me: yep
libby: well, we learned about how heavenly father watches over us in church today and it made me cry
me: i would never laugh at that, you felt the spirit and that is awesome!
casey walks in--
libby: dad, i cried at church today (proud of herself now)
casey: i'm sorry libby.
libby: dad, they were tears of joy!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


indie's big day!

indie has been begging to get her ears pierced and today was the big day! not even a tear! brave little monster!

rsv sucks @$^%##

sooo sad!!!! hurray that's over! no, i still haven't made a dent in the laundry pile. maybe tomorrow. . .

cutest cousins ever!

i want this one

this is what i found when i went to get on my computer. chase is obsessed with googling remote control cars at the moment. he just went with casey to put one on layaway for his birthday. cute!

daddy daughter date

casey took libby to swan lake performed at capital theater by ballet west. libby got a new outfit for the occasion and was sooo excited. before the ballet started, libby told casey, "i'm so excited i have butterflies in my tummy!" afterward, they went to casey's restaurant. libby loved every minute of it.

happy valentine's day

on valentine's day, my parents took the kids and nash to logan to have an over-nighter with gg and gpa. they went sledding and to hardware ranch where they got to see lots of elk and have lots of fun.

february was the month of the cough for indie bella. she was not at her finest this month!

look at that fearless face! looks like she's gotten tougher since lagoon and the roller coaster fiasco! goooo libs!

chase in awe of his majestic surroundings. what a looker!
thanks mom and dad! they had such a great time. casey and i attempted a romantic dinner up in park city with capri. she was not willing to cooperate so after 2 hours of trying to make it through appetizers, (nursing in the bathroom, spit up everywhere, bouncing, trading her back and forth), we boxed up our food and ate it for lunch the next day. quite romantic!!!