Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the monster

thanks to chari for the photos and for relieving me from this demon child! you can't always judge a book by its cover! :) i love you indie.

Monday, November 9, 2009

she's FINALLY here!!!!!!!

here's the proof that i am the mother. all you modeling prego mamas ain't got nothing on me! i know i was a complaining, grumpy nightmare while i was pregnant, i forgot that the reward was so amazing. i love my baby!

the best feeling in the whole world!

proud daddy

soooo precious! capri claire bulkley 8 pounds, 15 ounces! 20.5 inches long, born at 8:55 am, november 3rd, 2009.

the kids couldn't come into the hospital due to the swine flu. they did get to meet their sister through the window for a quick glimpse but these are the pics when they first got to hold their baby. chase couldn't stop smiling.

libs is going to be the best big sister ever.

indie looks innocent enough but she has turned into a demon child. i'm sure most of you are saying "turned, when wasn't she?"
6 days old. i love her expressions!

this line won't go away. cute.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

lagoon, a birthday, and halloween!

well, october is over and gone. maybe this stubborn little monster growing inside my belly will decide that november is when she'll make her debut. let's just pray for the sanity of my family that she'll be here soon! some october highlights:

indie loved all the rides, if they would let her, i'm sure she would have hopped onto the big rollercoasters.

frightmare entertainment, they loved it!

3 monsters not scared of any other kind of monster!

libby wanted a late night party with her besties. pizza, make-overs, pjs, what fun!

libby has adorable friends. halle, grace, miss libs, and sofie.

chase couldn't resist getting in on the action. i also love indie in this one- overjoyed at being able to play with the big kids.

my baby girl is 7! libby is happy, talented, fun, laid back ( how are we related?!), a peacemaker, creative, and beautiful. i love you liberty lynne!

more birthday fun-- pumpkins!

the masterpieces.

happy halloween! grandma with the bulkley and anderson grands.

libby was the only one that rebelled this year and demanded she be a witch instead of sticking with the star wars theme.

the only peace we have around our house. peace out.