Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tag-- i'm it (20 ways i suck)

1. i need at least 3 44 ouncers plus a couple crystal light energy packs a day to function.
2. i dislike or am highly suspect of most happy people.
3. i have a hard time finding a reason to not wear sweats all day.
4. i swear in my head, a lot.
5. i swear out loud, a lot.
6. i'd rather make out with brother ---- than talk to brother ----. (brit just made me edit this one) :)
7. i scream at my kids.
8. i binge eat on a regular basis.
9. i mock. i'm loud. i take things too far.
10. i judge righteous/holier than thou people, but let losers off the hook too easy.
11. i want hillary for president. (truth)
12. i want to kill my kids at the moment.
13. i rarely look at the glass half full.
14. i am prone to gross skin diseases.
15. i can't bear to spend money on full price items but if it's on sale i'll buy 10 times as much.
16. i can't bring myself to wash my hair unless it's been 5 days.
17. i like celebrity gossip, especially when it's pics of their cottage.
18. i don't like meeting new people, i don't branch out.
19. i'm not adventurous, i'd rather stay home and get in my bed.
20. wow, this was super easy, and the twentieth reason i suck is because i am tired of the blog revolution and i think everyone's comments are super annoying except my own. sorry! well, not everyone's just most of the dorky happy ones (i.e. alison's groupies,no offense adi, i worship you and your comments!)
i now tag brad (chari you're supposed to start him a blog), brittles, charleena, BA, stevie bevie, pooper, and yen su!!!! look forward to reading about ya! :) ber named this the anderson suckfest. good one ber!