Friday, November 5, 2010


ornithophobia: the fear of birds. i have it and in a bad way. i'm shuddering and clenching my toes even as i type this. haha funny funny. but not when you're innocently in your safe house and you see a trail of feathers and peek behind the filing cabinet and see the devilish creature ready to flap it's disgusting wings in your face. SCREAM FREAK OUT YELL HIDE!! then you realize about two weeks ago libby told you she saw a bird in the house and you didn't believe her. that vile, germ infested thing has been in my house for two weeks???!!!!! insert shudder. anyway, of course casey was working so i had to call my sweet daddy to come and save the day. as he was taking care of business, i called out, "is it dead?" and he said "yep" and then he yelled, "NOPE!" then there was smashing and carrying on for a bit and then the bird went to heaven. there were about 7 million feathers that i had to clean up and i didn't calm down for about 2 hours.

imagine those wings flapping in your face.
imagine those claws tearing out your eyes and scratching your face off. ugh. kill me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"we're all mad here"

miss mad crazy red queen of hearts!

mr. mad hatter contemplating his next move.

cute little alice.

this naughty little white rabbit was a fussy butt. somehow chari got this pic where she actually looks mellow.

i can't get the edited and quotation pics of chase and indie to upload. anyway, i love halloween. i love dressing my kids up. chase was a trooper and went along with my theme this year since it was capri's first halloween. chari took all these amazing pictures and did all the editing and photoshopping and quotes. love it!!!! thank you char char.